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auroracloud: Nyssa of Traken in a white top, looking away from camera (Nyssa white)

Aurora's Nest

A Journal of Fannishness, Life, and General Geekery

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Created on 2016-12-14 08:19:32 (#2568222), last updated 2019-04-19 (2 days ago)

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This journal is partly fannish, half personal / other interests, though I friends-lock a fair amount of the more personal content. I'm a relatively recent but very passionate Doctor Who fan, having discovered the show around 2015 (because I'm late into things), and after catching up with all of the new series and loving much of it obsessively, I became an equally enthusiastic Classic Who fan via the Twitch marathon in summer 2018. In addition, I read a lot of books, I write, I dance ballet as a hobby, and I drink lots of tea. I'm super into history and science (especially space stuff and physics) and I enjoy geeking out about languages and speak several of them. I live in Finland, I'm female (she/her pronouns), I'm definitely not straight although I keep waffling about exactly how I identify (somewhere between lesbian and bi, I guess), and I'm in my 30s. I battle depression and occasional anxiety, and sometimes it shows up. I don't talk a lot about politics, but I'm staunchly feminist and left-wing and all that.

My main fandom is Doctor Who, both classic and new. My favourite Doctor is Two, though I'm fond of most of them, and I'm eagerly waiting for Thirteen. My favourite companions include Jamie McCrimmon, Zoe Heriot, Nyssa of Traken, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, and Bill Potts. I ship 2/Jamie, Doctor/Jack, and various combinations of companions with one another, but I don't see myself primarily as a shipper although I always seem to end up with a few queer ships I passionately love and write and read most of my fic about them. I like the first two series of Torchwood; okay, well, S2 and the few actually decent episodes of S1. But lately my main obsession has been with Classic Who, and it's definitely healthier. I also have a variety of book fandoms, ranging from various examples of new and inclusive sci-fi (Becky Chambers, Murderbot, Ann Leckie, Gail Carriger etc.) to any good 19th century books where I can pair up two female characters with one another and forget about the straight romances. Doctor Who takes up most of my TV watching energy, but I am fond of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, and occasionally some other murder mysteries as well, as long as things don't get too violent. I like musicals and watch ballet when I can afford to.

One of the reasons I started this is the hope that I might meet other people who share my interests and discuss things online with them. So if you feel at all inclined to it, feel free to friend me and comment! I may occasionally follow some people who would at least seem to be active and in the same fandoms, but don't feel any pressure to add me back if it doesn't seem to be your thing. Do let me know somehow if you friend me, because I may not notice otherwise it happened, or I may forget to check you out.

I also have this journal over at LiveJournal. Feel free to follow/comment at whichever place suits your fancy. I get to the Dreamwidth comments much faster, though.
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